Riddle Mountain Project Site Map

Riddle Mountain Project Site Map

Project is located on land owned by the state of Oregon (Department of State Lands) in a remote area of Harney County, Oregon.

Up to 104MW

Number of Turbines
Estimate 40-60 turbines, depending on model deployed.

The average kilowatt hours for this project will be enough to power approximately 30,000 homes.

The Riddle Mountain Project will be approximately 100 MW in nameplate capacity. Project will connect to the existing “grid” via the same line connecting Echanis to the grid, though the connector will be extended to “tap” the existing PacifiCorp transmission line.

Status of Project
Land use permits have not been submitted. CEP has secured a permit for wind testing and intends to secure a lease for the wind project at the same time it seeks a land use permit from Harney County. Expected on line date is 2013.

Meteorological Data
Estimated annual average wind speed = 18 MPH. Most production will be in critical winter months when Columbia River Gorge area wind projects are at lowest production, which means the region will need less fossil-fueled generation to “balance” the resource mix.

No land use permits have been submitted for this project at this time. Special Use Permits have been issued for Met Tower installations.

Related Studies
Avian and other related studies are planned to commence on the Riddle Mountain site in fall 2010.

History and Background
CEP was encouraged to explore the viability of the wind resource on Riddle Mountain by Harney County Judge Steve Grasty, who pointed out that royalty payments from a project on state lands would go to the state schools fund. CEP has more work to do before beginning the permitting process for Riddle Mountain, but we’re eager to develop the “partnership” with Oregon that could break new ground for increasing revenues for basic education.