Arlington Solar Project Site Map

Arlington Solar Project Site Map

Project is located on private land adjacent to the town of Arlington in Gilliam County, Oregon.

Up to 2MW

Number of Solar Panels
Estimated 1,800 photovoltaic modules, depending on model deployed.

The average kilowatt hours for this project will be enough to power the town of Arlington. When the sun is shining, the power produced from this project will, in fact, supply all of the power used in Arlington.

The Arlington Solar Project will connect to the existing PacifiCorp substation in the town of Arlington.

PacifiCorp substation near Arlington

PacifiCorp substation near Arlington

Status of Project
A conditional use permit was obtained for this project in 2008. Expected on line date is 2010. CEP has negotiated an interconnection agreement with PacifiCorp Transmission and is in negotiations on a power purchase agreement with PacifiCorp Energy.

Solar Data
It is estimated that the project will be available to receive sun (i.e., no shadows) 98 percent of the year.

History and Background

Crowley & Blood near Site

Crowley & Blood Near Arlington Site

The project is located on land on which CEP leased for its Arlington Wind Project, which CEP sold to Horizon in 2006 and eventually became Horizon’s Rattlesnake Road and Wheatfields projects. When it sold the project to Horizon, CEP retained the right to do a utility scale solar project.