The Greater Echanis Wind Projects

Greater Echanis Wind Projects

CEP has focused its activities in Harney County, Oregon for the past several years because CEP’s sites there show extraordinary promise to deliver renewable power in the peak demand winter months.

Two pictures tell the Echanis story: the month-by-month power profile (especially compared with Gorge-area wind projects);

Echanis and Gorge Wind Balance

and a 30-foot “tall” juniper tree … that never gets more than a foot off the ground because of consistent west winds on this site …
Flagged Tree on EchanisCEP has received a land use permit to construct the Echanis project on the Mann Lake Ranch and has a contract to sell the power to a leader in renewable energy procurement. All that remains to get the project on line is to secure transmission line easements across small segments of federally-owned land to reach the grid.
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In addition to Echanis, CEP has three more planned wind projects in the area: East Ridge, West Ridge, and Riddle Mountain

Arlington Solar

Arlington Solar Oregon Map

The project will be the largest solar project in Oregon or Washington. It is located near the City of Arlington, OR which is served by PacifiCorp.The 2MW project will be located on 15 acres of private property just west of the Arlington city limits.