Harney County Future on Parade

Posted on 17. Sep, 2010 by crowley in Blog, General, Renewable Energy News

CEP was proud to be part of the recent Harney County Fair and Parade. The Harney County Fair is like no other for home town atmosphere, with schools closed for the week of Fair and everyone in the community involved. It’s a great place to see and talk with just about everyone in the County and something we look forward to every year.

Harney County Future on Parade

This year, Diana Morris and a group from the local job training center, built a terrific float featuring hand made wind turbines to proclaim their upcoming participation in worker training programs for wind industry technicians. Dianna and her group did a great job, with the support of the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute. Soon, the first students from Harney County will be beginning their training as wind techs.

Harney County identified renewable energy development in its Comprehensive Plan as far back as 1985 – we’re proud to be part of making wind power its future.

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