Boardman coal plant question heats up: winter wind needed for answer

Posted on 07. Oct, 2010 by crowley in General

Today’s Oregonian reports the EPA has announced that Portland General Electric (PGE) faces fines for clean air act related violations at the Boardman coal plant.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is accusing Portland General Electric of operating its Boardman coal-fired plant without adequate pollution controls since 1998.

The EPA’s “notice of violation,” issued last week, says improvements PGE made to Oregon’s only coal plant in 1998 and 2004 boosted pollution and should have triggered expensive pollution controls for sulfur dioxide, a contributor to acid rain.

This new wrinkle in the ongoing saga of when to close the Boardman plant raises the question, “And replace it with what?”

CEP’s Greater Echanis projects can be a significant part of the answer to that question. Producing more than half of their output during the fall and winter months, the Greater Echanis projects can help replace Boardman’s coal-fired electricity with renewable energy, especially in the winter months. The graph below shows just how well output from the Greater Echanis projects compliments existing and future Gorge projects and can help make renewable resources a more complete, year-round solution for our future energy needs.

Echanis and Gorge Balance

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