CEP in the Community

As a company and as individuals, CEP is active in a range of community and non-profit organizations. From partnering with a Harney County school to explore wind power for its facilities to supporting arts organizations from Portland, Oregon to Jonesport, Maine, CEP and its principals volunteer and contribute to making the world a better place.

Harney County, Oregon

Crane School project.
Crane Union High School serves the largest school district in Oregon. Covering 7,500 square miles in the southeastern high desert, the area’s population is so sparse, that this whole area generates a student body of fewer than 100 kids.

Crane School, IBEW & CEP

Crane School, IBEW & CEP

Because students live so far from school, most students live in dorms on campus during the week. The result is a unique community of Harney County ranch families who gather Fridays for sporting events and activities, head home late that night, then bring their kids back to school Sunday evening.

CEP has partnered with the Crane School students, faculty and supporters to explore the possibility of developing a community wind power project on land near the school. Working with students and faculty, CEP and others will supply equipment and guidance to students and faculty who will “learn by doing” as they work through the exploratory phases of developing a wind energy project. Students will erect a meteorological tower and record data, learn to study birds and other requirements for permitting a project and be partners in determining if a project to help power the school can be viable.

CEP will provide guidance, meeting with interested classes on a regular basis, supplying equipment and training along the way.

IBEWIBEW Local 48 solar project Union electricians are on the front lines of the renewable energy economy, provided the skilled workers who install wind turbines, lay cable, string transmission lines and more. They also provide service to the growing solar industry, which is why Portland’s Local 48 decided placing a solar array on its headquarters office near the Portland Airport was a good training tool.
CEP helped Local 48 monetize incentives and grants which were not available to the non-profit union organization and contributing to the project’s success.

The Harney County Fair
CEP has been a sponsor of the Harney County Fair since 2008. CEP also hosts a booth at the Fair to meet residents and answer questions about wind power and the Greater Echanis projects.

The Harney County Chamber of Commerce
CEP has been a member of the Harney County Chamber of Commerce since 2008.

Other Interests

The Portland Symphonic Girlchoir
Live music holds a special place in the heart of CEP’s principals. Chris Crowley and his family have been involved with the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir for seven years. The Girlchoir provides girls aged 6-18 with a wonderful music education and develops the confidence to perform and enjoy music.

Eastern Frontier writers’ residency program.
Steve Dunn established the Eastern Frontier as a place for writers, musicians and painters to “get away from it all — and work” on Norton Island in the far reaches of Down East Maine.

Eastern Frontier residency program

Eastern Frontier writers residency program

Eastern Frontier just completed its eighth season of sessions and has hosted more than 200 writers and artists in its programs. Among its residents are winners of the prestigious Mann Booker Prize for literature and many other awards. The place and the program are like no other, and CEP is proud to support it.

“We have a small wind turbine on Norton Island. Our artists appreciate the gentle hum it makes to power their computers and lights at night. Our program is ‘off the grid’ entirely, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world, which means we understand how important renewable energy and respect for the environment are for everyone. We wish CEP the best with their efforts to fight global climate change and bring renewable energy projects to remote areas of our country. We need more CEPs and all they mean for our world.”

- Steve Dunn, founder and President, Eastern Frontier Society

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is a highly regarded, professional orchestra with more than 75 paid musicians under the distinguished leadership of Maestro Salvador Brotons. Dr. Brotons, a resident of Spain, returns each season to lead the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and inspire the audience with his enthusiasm and expertise. He is also the Conductor and Music Director of his native BarcelonaValles Symphony Orchestra and the Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. This is his 19th season leading the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

CEP’s Chris Crowley is on hiatus from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors but continues his support for this excellent Orchestra and the musical wonders they produce.