Since 2001, Columbia Energy Partners, LLC (CEP) has been bringing its partnership approach to wind energy development around the Northwest.

We believe that renewable energy projects like ours are vitally important to slowing the impacts of global climate change AND rebuilding our local and national economies. We’re very proud of the work we do:

  • providing significant economic benefits to local communities
  • helping make green power a more effective part of our region’s power resources and
  • reducing our country’s dependence on foreign and fossil fuels.

We are particularly proud of our Greater Echanis projects in Harney County, Oregon. These wind projects will produce green power during the cold winter months – at a time when most of the region’s other wind farms are producing their least power. Our projects also feed into the grid in an area outside the region’s transmission choke points. This means fewer new transmission lines may need to be built, and less fossil fuel-fired power will be needed to “back up” Gorge wind projects in the winter months. CEP’s projects will also keep working ranches intact – and free of development – for future generations. Finally, the Greater Echanis projects will help rejuvenate one of Oregon’s most economically distressed counties, providing living wage jobs and substantial tax benefits to Harney County.